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hyvee flowers cedar rapids

Hyvee Flowers Cedar Rapids is a family-owned and operated floral business that specializes in creating fresh, unique, and beautiful floral arrangements. With more than 30 years of experience in the floral industry, our team of experts can make your wedding, bridal shower, or special occasion more memorable with high-quality, fresh, and locally grown flowers. With every floral arrangement, you’ll receive a personal touch that sets you apart from the rest.

Laurel Hollopeter is an Iowa City Hy-Vee florist

Laurel Hollopeter, an Iowa City Hy-Vee florist in Cedar Rapids, has been involved with the floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade for years. She has helped to arrange the flowers on the floats since 2009. But what’s it like to work on these parade floats?

Hollopeter told me that she bought tickets for the floats a couple of months ago, on a hunch. She was surprised to find out that she was going to have actually to help put them together. It turns out that if you’re interested in a job with the Rose Bowl, you have to know how to put flowers on the floats.

I have to admit that I was a little unsure of what to expect. But then I realized that I was in luck.

I got a call from the Rose Bowl committee the day before the Parade, asking me if I’d like to do some work on their floats. That’s when I started looking into it. So far, everything’s gone well. The flowers look great. And they’re not the only things that I’ve helped to arrange.

Rose Bowl parade float

When you watch the Rose Parade, you are likely to see large, colorful floats with hundreds of thousands of flowers. The floats use an estimated 18 million flowers. To make the floats perfect, a lot of work goes into the days leading up to the Rose Parade.

For the past eight years, Laurel Hollopeter has been working on the floral arrangements for Rose Parade floats. She was invited to join Fiesta Parade Floats, a Pasadena-based company that designs and creates floats for various organizations. She is currently decorating two floats.

The first is the Lions Clubs International float. The float includes a young lion cub reading a library book. The entry also features tan uva grass and pampas grass. The float is 36 feet long and decorated with more than 52,000 flowers.

The second float is the Honda float, which features a young man, a woman, and a baby. The entry shows the spirit of children and the unlimited potential inside each child.

Training in floriculture and horticulture

Floriculture is the study of growing and cultivating flowers and other plants. Floriculture is a growing industry and the demand for flowers is increasing. It includes the production of raw materials for the perfume and cosmetics industries. There are many opportunities for floriculturists in the government, private and agricultural sectors.

The salary of a floriculturist depends on his/her experience, qualification, and job designation. It also varies depending on his/her location. However, a floriculturist who has graduated from a college or university can find a good job in the private or government sector.

A Floriculture graduate can work in various departments such as farm management, floral marketing, research and development, project coordination, and nurseries. Besides that, they can set up their own business. These professionals can work as a consultant or supervisors for a florist or a landscaping company. They can also teach at a college or university.

Some of the popular horticulture courses are plant propagation, crop science, sustainable landscaping, ornamental production, vegetable production, and pest management. The curriculum covers various aspects of horticulture including soil, water, crop production, plant density, pest control, ornamental production, plant nutrition, fruit, and vegetable cultivation, weed management, and nursery and greenhouse operations.

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