Decoration of Flowers For Ganpati – Orchids, Colourful Papers and Cardboards

decoration of flowers for ganpati

If you are looking for some creative ideas to decorate the flowers for Ganpati, then read this article! Here, we will give you some ideas on orchids, colourful papers, and cardboards! Read on to learn how to decorate flowers for Ganpati! And remember, flowers are only one part of the celebration, there are also other components that make it truly special! You can create your own unique flowers for Ganpati by combining several different types!

Ideas for ganpati flower decoration

You may have seen various strands of gold, cream and white coloured strands in temples, but have you ever tried to decorate a ganpati with them? Try these ideas. Not only will you be able to learn about the festival from your kids, but you’ll also come up with the perfect flower arrangement. Pink carnations and pink lilies signify deep gratitude, admiration and femininity.

Another great idea for flower decorations is to place a string of flowers around the temple or house. Carnations are in fashion this year, so try to find them as long as possible and place them somewhere in your home. Hibiscus flowers are also a traditional offering to Lord Ganesha. You can purchase a string of hibiscus flowers and lay them at the feet of Lord Ganesha with some diyas.

Marigold flowers are another beautiful flower to use as a ganpati flower decoration. You can even make a flower design of the Shesha snake, the king of snakes. This snake carries all the planets on its hoods and sings praises of Lord Vishnu with all its mouths. Marigold flowers are also a beautiful choice, and you can use them to decorate the temple.

Paper leaves and flowers are also great for Ganpati flower decoration. You can purchase them readymade at any online store, or buy them from a confectionery store. If you want to spend a bit more, you can even get someone to make them for you. If you have a lot of money, you can hire a professional to make a Ganpati Ji out of paper flowers. The flowers will look beautiful and will be a perfect addition to your home.

Marigold flowers can be purchased in the market and used as Ganpati flower decoration. You can also place these strands on the walls of the murti. These simple ideas can save you a lot of time and energy. You can use marigold flowers to make a beautiful garland and add them to the wall in front of the Ganesh Ji Murti. These ideas are both creative and time-saving!


The most beautiful flower of all is the orchid. If you are looking for a special decoration for your Ganpati temple, you can decorate it with beautiful orchids or gerberas. Besides, you can also use orchids as decor art at home. They are both complementary colours and can be used to welcome the Lord. They can also be used to decorate your house and temple. So, if you are not sure of what to put in the decoration, here are some ideas.

Orchids can be an excellent choice for decoration of Ganpati. The beautiful and delicate petals of an orchid add to its charm. However, you should know that these flowers can be expensive. Choose them carefully. They can add a lot of depth to the decor and will look beautiful next to your Ganpati idol. They should not be placed near a heat source, but should be kept nearby the idol.

Orchids can also be used as decoration of flowers for Ganpati. This type of flower is a popular choice as it is both beautiful and eco-friendly. It is also a great choice for homes that want to add a beautiful, natural, and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to be more creative, you can consult a florist. You can use these beautiful flowers as a center piece of your Ganpati decorations. They will add a lot of freshness to the room and bring the atmosphere of the festival.

If you are a beginner in flower arrangements, you can use marigolds as an inexpensive option. Marigold flowers are modest and can be used for the decoration of the Ganpati idol. Use marigolds with other flowers such as lilies and chrysanthemums. For a more elaborate decoration, combine marigolds with orange roses and yellow tulips. Orchids also complement the other flowers used for the celebration.

It is important to consider how much space you have for floral decoration and how many flowers you want to put on the altar. You don’t want to overload the altar, which could upset the entire process. You should also avoid stuffing the flowers. You don’t want the flowers to be smashed against each other. You don’t want to end up with an overstuffed temple, so make sure you consider this when choosing flowers for your Ganpati altar.


You can decorate flowers for Ganpati with cut outs from newspapers or craft papers. Flowers have a beautiful fragrance that will uplift the spirits. You can also recycle old newspapers and turn them into flowers to decorate the Ganpati mandap. If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to buy new flowers, you can turn your old newspapers into beautiful flowers instead! And you can even use the flowers you make again.

You can also decorate the mandap with coconuts. These are available in the market and can be arranged into half-cuts on the floor. They give a lovely carpet effect and are easily movable. You can also use small ganpati idols in the mandap. Moreover, if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way of decoration, you can also use bricks and decorate the mandap with a small idol.

Besides flowers, you can also use cardboards as decorations. You can also make a cardboard mandap and decorate it with fairy lights. This will add charm to the mandap. You can also ask your children to create the Ganpati mandap decoration for the festival. They’ll love to help you create colourful rangolis. And don’t forget to use your kids’ favourite colour – green!

To make the Ganpati idols eco-friendly, try making decorations from recycled cardboard. Using recycled items can help reduce the amount of garbage that is produced after the festival. Incorporating these materials will enhance the festive spirit and will make the festival more eco-friendly. Then, you can use these decorations for mammoth pandals or home decoration. With your creative imagination, you’ll soon have a beautiful and colourful Ganpati idol.

Another great way to decorate flowers for Ganpati is with paper. Decorative paper flowers are inexpensive and are an easy way to make a beautiful flower garden. Or you can even use paper flowers to create a flower garden around the idol. For extra decoration, you can also create a beautiful flower garden with DIY fabric flowers. Another popular way to decorate flowers for Ganpati is to use a 3-panel backdrop. You can use colored drapes with floral arrangements on top.

Vibrant papers

Bright and colourful papers are always in vogue. You can decorate flowers on the Ganpati idol with these. The best part about these colourful papers is that they do not go out of style! Using them to make paper fans and flower garlands will certainly add to the festive spirit. And the best part is that you can recycle them! Here are a few tips to use vibrant papers for the decoration of flowers for ganpati.

Quilled roses are very pretty and make excellent Ganpati decorations. Use green card paper and fanfolding technique. You can also use Fevicol MR and red or yellow paper circles to create quilled roses. You can decorate them with bright paper ribbons to give them thickness. Adding colourful paper flowers to your Ganpati decoration will surely attract the eyes of your guests. If you are looking for more innovative ideas, try quilled roses or a paper tree makhar.

Using colourful papers for the decoration of flowers for ganpati is a popular eco-friendly trend these days. You can use chart papers to make beautiful flowers or buy readymade flowers. These papers will add to the festive spirit of your ganpati celebration. You can also purchase a variety of vibrant papers and paste them on the back wall of the mandap. They will rotate as the light breeze blows.

You can also use plastic bottles as a backdrop for your Ganpati. Use bright colours and combine different shades to create an eye-catching backdrop. Coconut shells do not have to be thrown away. You can make a large coconut figure with these shells. Sticking card boards to the top will also keep the coconut shells from contributing to the pollution. This will make your Ganpati decoration look beautiful.

Another way to decorate your Ganpati is with fresh flowers. Flowers symbolize virtue and purity. If you don’t have any flowers at home, you can purchase them from local markets. You can either place them individually or place them in a large bunch on the mandap. If you can’t find fresh flowers, craft paper will make a great substitute. You can even purchase craft paper on Amazon!

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